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Age is a good range. The forehead area rounds or slants inward more than the fixed or mutable faces. Can be rounded, but are usually noticeably slender or longish but often with wider foreheads. Keep reading. Physical characteristics : Softly angled faces. Rigid structure to the nose.

Fish-like faces and features. Full lips. Thick hair and eyebrows.

Droopy, sometimes really sleepy eyes. Full cheeks with soft skin.


Average height or short. Dancer feet. Can have trouble with weight fluctuations, especially later in age. Ghostly and shy demeanor. They are literally the most complex zodiac sign. First of all, they have mastered the craft of innocence. In the worst of them it makes for an extremely manipulative person.

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They know they seem innocent as a rule, and in their mind, they always are. Mutable signs share this innocence.

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Pisces are extremely giving. Detrimentally giving. They give their time, their patience, their stuff, their friends, whatever it is, do you want it? Do you need a bed? Do you need a shirt? Here, I know I will get another. They do know. They do know how it feels for a kid to need a shirt, and they get it from tv, or a friend, or life personally, whatever it is. They soak in experiences from everything they see, hear touch believe or say, and learn, constantly and spread love and real kindness. We all take breaks. As the sign of Neptune, the planet of dreams and sleep, they feel at home in a dream, whether asleep or awake.

When they are sad they are miserable, anger is emotional rage, fear is terror…etc. Love is fairy tale. Family is soul love. Ancestry is fascinating. Pisces is not the only , but the most afflicted and affected sign, in my opinion, by where surrounding planets are placed. Wherever Pisces sits, is vulnerably moldable by its surroundings.

Him being a Pisces makes more sense in the ways that are giving, kind, spiritual and wise, a walking miracle by existence and action, a martyr with a cause much deeper than himself. Pisces literally holds the weight of the world in their soul. They say Pisces can talk to spirits, guides, angels, what have you.


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But they cannot share their lessons. The world will either laugh, crucify them in its own way , or simply not listen. Somehow not even hear, because we cannot. The spiritual lessons for Pisces are for Pisces. Understood by Pisces. And as a Pisces, or wherever Pisces is placed, is the closest thing to God as it gets on Earth. Yes, they are likely to give in …to pressure, in general. Especially for a friend.

Whatever it is. Pisces risings are imaginative and lean towards creativity, art, music and literature.

The typical Pisces rising person can seem to be a different personality than they were yesterday and this allows them to blend in with many types of people. Pisces risings resist any kind of labelling and their character is always changeable. If a person with a Pisces rising trains himself to balance his imaginations and tries to look at life in a more realistic manner, they can be more effective in every way and finally know where they stand. They always walk with their head in the clouds and possess a dreamy disposition even when you have their attention.

Pisces risings see the world through rose coloured glasses, so they have a difficult time being objective. This overly idealistic viewpoint is adopted in order to deal with any potential pain. This is the result of the world being very disappointing to them and they shun facing up to cold, hard facts. People with this placement always choose to believe that life can be perfect, even though a perfect life is impossible. However, because of this belief Pisces risings really want to save the world. It may be important for them to find a healthy outlet for their vision more than any other rising sign.

Decision making is also not a Pisces risings strong point. Organisation is difficult and they can madden people around them with their indecisiveness. Pisces is a sign that can have a lack of confidence in self. Pisces risings are very capable when they build up self confidence, and succeed at whatever their hearts desire is. Sometimes they can just have trouble figuring out who they are in life and be a little deranged. This is because Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, delusions and imagination.

They can manipulate others to feel sorry for them and they may appear totally unaware of any of their faults. If you have an issue or problem with a Pisces rising they can be hard to confront or pin down. Pisces risings must learn to live their life rather than dream it away. Pisces risings never have any plans. Not for today, or even tomorrow, they like to keep things open since they change their minds ever so often and they prefer to feel their way through their life. They need someone who will keep them grounded and structured a bit.

Pisces risings have big watery and dreamy eyes and a round face with a moist look. People pour their own fantasy onto Pisces and expect them to live up to them. Pisces is a sign that tend to be naturally quiet so it is even easier for people to create those little fantasy scenerios. They are the one being delusional and failing in seeing Pisces for a normal human being not a little cute princess who needs a hero to be saved.

You want to save them because deeply down inside you want to be saved yourself and you are projecting this on them. And they will leave. Be aware of it. Emotional, easily attached, self loathing, in their own head, creative, spiritual, intuitive, generous, understanding, empathetic. Understanding what people need emotionally, good at boundaries, loves to be around other people. Bonds emotionally to people easily. Princess Neptune is ever so dainty, ethereal, and soft. Neptune being the highest octave of Venus, enchants her with otherworldly glamorous beauty.

The words she speaks are unique and colorful, splashing around like juicy water colors, colors no one has ever seen before. She sings her songs in a foreign mermaid tune. Her castle resides in a deep ocean of mystical fantasies.

Pisces Rising: Complete Astro Report On The Pisces Ascendant

Soft pastel colors, magical bubbles, and radiant crystal gems are part of the theme. The nature, embellishments, furnishings, decor, and everything of the kingdom is iridescent, luminous, sparkling, and just magnificent.

Her bedroom is full of dazzling, sparkly, seashell decor. Pastel coral melon pink, opalescent baby blue, light mystical lavender, soft twinkling banana yellow, and pearly shimmering peach jewels, silk fabrics, objects, and treasures gracefully embellish and decorate the white, cloudy base of her fantastical bedroom. The air smells of ever changing candy and fruit scented perfumes.

Clouds float above her soaking in any creative thought that might slip her mind as she creates her arts. She creates music with her celestial voice and instruments made of cosmic seashells. She paints on a canvas using the brilliant colors of her mind.