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One Sumerian text seems to say that the Deluge occurred in the Age of Leo. Turning to more recent times, there was a major flood in Sumer around BP, probably resulting from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers drastically changing their courses and overflowing their banks.

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However, according to another interpretation, the very thick silt deposit at Ur may have been laid down during a marine incursion BP due to the rising sea level. The vast Thar or Great Indian Desert to the east of the Indus river was once traversed by a great river, known in Vedic writings as the Sarasvati an extension of the present-day Ghaggar or Hakra river. This once fertile region was a key centre of early Indic civilization. Around BCE, in the Age of Aries, a series of tectonic upheavals caused several rivers to change their courses, leading to devastating floods and the drying up of the Sarasvati and other rivers.

As a result, Indic civilization was temporarily eclipsed, and its centre shifted eastward to the Ganges and Yamuna valleys. The Minoan civilization in the Aegean was devastated by fire, flooding, and ash, following a series of volcanic eruptions on the island of Thera Santorini , km to the north of Crete, the final explosion being dated at BCE. Around BCE, extensive flooding seems to have occurred in Anatolia modern Turkey , burying the Bronze Age city of Tiryns, and at about the same time the rich merchant city of Troy archaeological level VI was destroyed by an earthquake.

They involved earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and ocean floor outgassing. Natural disasters have of course continued into more recent times. The most devastating earthquakes in terms of human fatalities include: CE, Antioch, Syria, , deaths; , Upper Egypt or Syria, 1,, deaths; , Shensi province, China, , deaths; , Calcutta, India, , deaths. The eruption of Vesuvius, Italy, in 79 CE buried the cities of Pompeii and Stabiae under ashes and Iapilli and Herculaneum under a mudflow, and killed about 16, people.

An eruption of Kelud, Java, Indonesia, in killed 10, people. The eruption of Etna, Italy, in left 20, people dead. A tidal wave tsunami following an eruption of Tambora, Sumbawa, Indonesia, in killed 56, people. In a tsunami hit Awa, Japan, killing more than , people.

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The eruption of Krakatoa, Krakatau, Indonesia, was one of the most catastrophic in history. A series of tremendous explosions occurred, the largest being heard at a distance of km. Most of the 36, people killed on Java and Sumatra were drowned by tidal waves as high as 35 metres. In the 20th century, the worst flooding disasters in terms of human fatalities occurred in China: , 3.

The worst earthquakes also occurred in China: , , dead; , , dead; , , dead. The worst hurricanes or typhoons were: China, , , dead; Bangladesh, , , dead; and Bangladesh, , , dead. It will not take place in a night, but will be preceded by slow subsidence of the coast and major earthquakes. Blavatsky also refers to a cycle of 21, years see part 1, section 5 of this article , saying that a minor cataclysm occurs after the first half-cycle of 10, years, and a universal cataclysms after the second H.

Letter from H. Blavatsky to J. Skinner, 17 February The figure usually given is , years, when the equinoctial point would have been in the middle of Sagittarius. The Secret Doctrine , ; G. The Secret Doctrine , , ; Isis Unveiled , The Mahatma Letters to A. Sinnett , TUP, 2nd ed. Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods , Heinemann, , pp. In Search of the Cradle of Civilization , p. She says that major cataclysms occur at the end of each cycle, and minor cataclysms at the midpoint. In this connection she mentions Dr R. In this connection, the following may be significant: Blavatsky says that the figures of a man standing upright and a woman standing on her head before him symbolize the poles inverted.

The Persian sovereign, King Cambyses, is said to have burst out laughing when he entered the Temple of the Kabiri in Egypt and saw the figures of a man and woman the two Kabiri represented in this position. Could this mean that when the earth is in Cancer it is more susceptible not to complete axial inversions, but to major disturbances of the axis? It should be noted, however, that the Kabiri are also associated with the two Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux , which are situated in the adjacent constellation of Gemini.

On one occasion Blavatsky states that the Egyptian priests told Herodotus that the sun had not always risen where it now rises and that in former times the ecliptic had cut the equator at right angles. Herodotus converts the figure of generations into a period of 11, years.

On another occasion Blavatsky says that the Egyptian priests told Herodotus that the pole of the earth and the pole of the ecliptic had formerly coincided, 3 i. She does not give a source for this remark, but it is probably S.

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Another accurate! At the spring equinox the sun currently rises in Pisces and sets in Virgo, but half a precessional cycle ago it rose in Virgo and set in Pisces. This would grant the duration of one and a half precessional cycles to the entire historic and prehistoric periods, or approximately 39, years.

Counting back another 13, years, the vernal sunrise would have occurred in Aries, and 13, years before that in Libra.

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Thus, in the preceding 39, years the vernal sunrise has occurred twice in Libra and twice in Aries. The figure of 39, years accords closely with the testimony of the Turin Papyrus, which shows that the ancient Egyptians considered their prehistory to go back 36, years before Menes c. Diodorus of Sicily reports that according to several chroniclers, gods and heroes ruled Egypt for 18, years, following which the land was governed by mortal kings for 15, years, bringing the time span of history and prehistory to a total of 33, years.

Manetho grants 15, years to the divine dynasties and years to all kings who had reigned before Menes, giving a total of 24, years to prehistory. George the Syncellus states that the Egyptians had an ancient chronicle that mentioned 30 royal dynasties preceded by the reign of the gods, comprising a period of 36, years 25 sothic cycles of years.

Marsham Adams, following Rawlinson, gives yet another interpretation of the remarks reported by Herodotus. In his view, they refer to the sothic cycle and the heliacal risings and settings of the star Sirius Greek: Sothis; Egyptian: Sepdet. The heliacal rising of a star means that it rises just before the dawn, so that it is visible very briefly before being lost in the solar rays. The Egyptians had a civil or vague year of days, and a fixed or sothic year of A sothic cycle commences when the civil and sothic years begin on the same day. The first day of the civil year then falls back in relation to the sothic year by a quarter of a day each year, or one day every four years.

Adams writes:. And since there is also a corresponding series of settings, subject to a similar change of direction, the two series would in each cycle make up a double reversal, interchanging positions not once but twice. We learn [from Herodotus], therefore, that two Sothiac cycles four reversals had been completed since the institution of the scientific Kalendar; so that the cycle then current in the time of Herodotus would be the third.

And as there is evidence that that cycle was completed in A. Hence, therefore, we conclude that the commencement of the first Sothiac cycle and the institution of the scientific Kalendar took place 2 x 1, years previously, i. The possibility that three genuine inversions of the axis are being referred to is considered in Appendix 4. Herodotus, The Histories , translated by G. See Appendix 4, Three axial inversions?

Langford Garstin, Search Publishing Company, , pp. The astronomical records of Universal History When was it? Occult data show that even since the time of the regular establishment of the zodiacal calculations in Egypt, the poles have been thrice inverted. There are three possible interpretations of this passage these interpretations are not mutually exclusive. In the Dendera zodiacs, the constellation Virgo is said to appear three times. This interpretation corresponds to the first interpretation given above. But Blavatsky gives another interpretation:. Did the Atlanteans and in a sense, therefore, the later Egyptians obtain their zodiac from divine instructors during their third subrace, just as the fifth race did?

In view of the fact that Blavatsky also refers to the third root-race in the above quotation, it should be borne in mind that, since the root-races overlap, with each root-race beginning around the midpoint of its predecessor, the third subrace of the Atlanteans would have coincided with one of the later subraces perhaps the sixth of the third, Lemurian root-race. In the fifth century BCE Herodotus was told by the Egyptian priests that during the past generations, the sun had twice risen where it now sets and twice set where it now rises.

teogiatrocokal.ga Mackey suggests that Herodotus is actually referring to the constellations in which the sun rises and sets: at any given time, the constellations in which the sun rises and sets would be reversed if the earth were to be suddenly inverted. However, this is only enough time for the tilt of the axis to change by about 1. Herodotus explains that the figure of 11, years is based on a conversion factor of years for every three generations.

Curiously, this conversion factor would actually give a period of nearer 11, years. This period began not long after the start of the satya-yuga, during the first subrace of the nascent Aryan race. Dialogues of G. The Secret Doctrine , , , Blavatsky bases this statement on the work of S. Mackey, whose arguments for there being three Virgos in both the circular and rectangular Dendera zodiacs are completely implausible; see Appendix 5, The Dendera zodiacs.

Much more than documents.

The Secret Doctrine , Counting a precessional cycle as 25, years, this would mean that the third subrace of the Atlanteans, and the sixth? But this is difficult to reconcile with the period of about If If humans lived longer in the past as Blavatsky suggests — H. Blavatsky Collected Writings , TPH, , fn , the rate of precession might have been correspondingly slower.

Blavatsky refers to these passages on several occasions: The Secret Doctrine , , , , , See Appendix 3 for other interpretations of the remarks made by Herodotus. The Egyptian Temple of Dendera, situated on the west bank of the Nile, is dedicated to the sky goddess Hathor. The circular zodiac, about 2. It is a planisphere, a planar projection of many constellations, including the 12 zodiac constellations. The original carving was blasted from the ceiling by a French antiquities collector in and later replaced with a plaster replica; the original is now on display in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The rectangular zodiac, also in bas-relief, is found on the ceiling of the main hypostyle hall; it depicts the zodiac constellations and other astronomical objects in a sequential fashion. The two zodiacs have been the subject of great controversy and have been interpreted in many different ways.

They were probably intended to record more than one important date. The present temple at Dendera dates from the 1st century BCE, i.

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However, the temple rests on the foundations of earlier buildings, which — according to an inscription — date back to predynastic times. This drawing is more accurate than the one made by Vivant Denon in , a few months earlier. The vault of heaven is represented by a disk, held up by four priestesses and four pairs of falcon-headed gods.