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Nakshatra Names. Following are the nakshatra names in Samskritam, Tamil and Malayalam, and the letters for baby's names. First Letter of Baby's Name.

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete. Email: shastrijii at mypanchang dot com shastriji mypanchang. There are 28 constellations known as Nakshatram or Nakshatra according Hindu system of astrology. Though total number is given as 28 stars, only 27 nakshatra or constellations are now in use. Each star is divided into 4 quarters. The Rasi or Sign is assigned with 30 degree each and totaling 12 houses to degrees.

Thus each sign is assigned with two full stars and a quarter, each quarter having 3 degree 20 minutes; thus 9 quarters equals to 30 degrees called one sign or house. From Aries to Pieces, twelve houses are allocated with 9 pada or 2 and a quarter star for each house.

IN all the Indian Almanacs known as Panchangam, published in different languages from every state, you can find the total reminder nakshatra time of each day at the beginning which indicate the reminder time of a nakshatra after sunrise. Thus, in a day two nakshatra falling is quite usual. It might be a reminder part of earlier nakshatra at the time of sun rise and later next nakshatra to rule the rest of day and continue till next day.


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One has to take into account of their local sun rise time and adjust the timing given in the Almanac accordingly to the desired location. For example, if the Sun rise time is 6 am for Chennai, and the Almanac or Panchangam might give the nakshatra of a particular day after sun rise as 3 hours and 30 minutes. But the same may vary to Mumbai because of the sun rise time differs.

So, if for same particular day Sun rise time is 6. You can calculate so on and so forth for any desired location; for overseas residents, they need convert these timings according to their local timing which might be plus or minus from GMT. There are numerous websites giving free time conversions for every time zone. So it would not be a very difficult to find out the exact time variations from the specific almanac or Panchangam.

12 Raasi & 27 Nakshatraas in tamil astrology

Click here to know how to read a Religious Almanac known as Panchangam. Now, for easy calculations, I list below each nakshatra and total Hours of its duration; because of each star has different duration of ruling time, not all the days you will get one nakshatra ruling. There can be one on some days and partially continuing on the next day and on the same day next nakshatra ruling later.

For the sake of easy calculations, I give below each nakshatra and its duration in hours together with each padam and in which sign in falls. So that one can easily calculate the nakshatra padam and which sign or rasi it falls into. The following chart categorizes into segments of one Star with four quarter, then to nine divisions of two and a quarter stars, that is taken into one Rasi - sign of 30 degrees.

Birth Nakshatra

Nakshatram - Star Each of 13 Deg. Nakshatra Lord. Nakshatra Padam 3 Deg. Beginning Name alphabet. Rasi or Moon sign - Equal Englishl - Name.


Each house of total 30 Degrees. Ashwini Asvini. Asvini Kumars.

27 Hindu Stars (Nakshatras) & Western Names

Bharani BaraNi. Sukran - Venus - 20 years.

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Krittika Karthikai. Sun - Suryan 6 years.

A as in accent. Aa as in Airport. Moon - Chandran 10 years.